Top H1B Cities list – Check Your employer ranking

On this page, we provide a list of the top cities in the USA that offer various job positions, along with information such as H1B salary data, the LCA Database, and more. We encourage you to thoroughly read through this page to ensure you have access to all the relevant details.

After reading this information, you will be able to obtain essential information, including the number of LCA filings and the average H1B salary for each of the top cities. Based on this data, you can get an idea of which city has LCA filings and the average H1 salary. For a detailed overview, refer to the following tabular form.

Rank Number City Name # No. of LCA filings Average Salary Confirmed Status Rejected Status Renewal Status Count

Top Cities LCA Database – Avg Salary

For example, if you look at the table above, you can see that NEW YORK has 318842, and the average H1B salary is 104085.74059042. In this way, you can see the LCA Database and average H1B salary information for each city. You can also compare this data with other cities to get clarity on which city is best suited for your needs and requirements.

Find Your Best City with H1B LCA Data info

The data presented in this article is just an expected overview of the H1B salary in the top cities of the USA. It is important to note that this information is for reference purposes only. The actual H1B Visa salary that you receive may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the job title, experience, and education level.